Participant Guidelines


The Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia 2017 is designed around the survey sent to past participants. Their comments and suggestions were all taken into consideration when planning this tour. We feel that this is your Tour and have tried to include everything you requested. We want this to be the best Grand Tour yet. The Grand Tour Party will be hosted by Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA.  On November 4th, 2017 from 11:30 to approximately 3pm. You can also check the website for continuing updates on the prizes as they arrive.

  1. All participants will be sent a packet upon registration for the Tour. This will include your passport you must take on your trips, a welcome with a link to the Tour Brochure on the website and your tour patch.
  2. The tour will be based on stops this year. We currently have 35 sponsors and some fun stops and a mystery stop here and there for bonus points. The sponsor points range from 3 to 15 points.
  3. For sponsors that are sharing a sponsorship, you will receive all points for visiting just one of the locations. For each additional location you will receive bonus points designated in your passports.
  4. Our sponsors points are based on the type of membership they have purchased. There is no minimum purchase per sponsor to receive your rider stamp in your passport. But these businesses/events did pay for the sponsorship so therefore appreciate your purchases.
  5. For every $10 spent at each sponsor location, you will receive 1 bonus point, up to $500.
  6. You will still need to send your passport in for final verification of stamps no later than October 20th. If you choose to do so, you can use your smartphone or scan your receipts and email to Please include the 1st page of your passport (to verify rider) have the sponsor stamp your receipt (on the front) AND passport. Do not dispose of our receipts until you receive verification that they have been received and documented. Utilizing this method will ensure ALL your receipts are documented and receipts will not be lost throughout the season.
  7. This year, a PDF file will be available on the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia website

( ) containing all the information for the Grand Tour. This brochure will contain detailed information about each county involved including Fun Events, Annual Events, music venues, etc. For a printed brochure, there will be a $8.00 charge for production and shipping.

  1. All participants will be eligible for all non-cash prizes. To be eligible for the Grand Prize, the participant must accumulate a minimum of 125 Sponsored points. The more points you accumulate, the better your chances are to win.
  2. Tour shirts will be available for purchase. Orders will be taken through our website until September 1, 2017 and will be available for pickup at the Tour Party. If you are unable to attend, your shirts will be shipped after the Tour Party.
  3. There will be a Photo Contest. Submit the best pictures from your Grand Tour and you may win $100 cash and be the face of the 2018 Tour. We will take voting from both FB and the End of Tour Party. For more details, check out the contest on our website.


The Grand Tour Coordinator will be available throughout the Tour if you need assistance:

Valerie Gaghan

Email:  Office: 249-258-5250  Cell or Text: 301-481-0650