Ideas for the 2018 Grand Tour

I have to admit that the 2017 Virginia Grand Tour went much better than I ever expected. My goal was to have a minimum of 25 sponsors and a minimum of 100 participants.

The total ended up being 30 paid sponsors and 173 Participants. Seems like everyone has had fun thus far, and my apologies for the delay in the 3rd Mystery Stop. There have been a few personal items I have needed to tend to along with work for other companies and the time seems to slip by too rapidly.

This is not my only work endeavor, as I have the privilege to work from home for several companies, plus the motocross track, an occasional catering event and a ceramic shop that I sell on Etsy. Guess you can say I am a jack of all trades, but a master of none. But juggling so many vastly different genres is challenging and sometimes daunting. But I will continue and push myself to post more to FB and this website.

The 2017 Tour has 2-1/2 months left before all passports must be mailed to me and I have to start working on the 2018 Grand Tour simultaneously. So here are a couple of ideas that may peak some interest in our participants, but also those following this blog.

  1. Dedicate the 2018 Grand Tour to all of our Veterans that have fought for this great country. I would like to be able to incorporate the memorials for World War I & II, located in Virginia as our main theme. Some of our participants have shared some beautiful memorial sites on our FB Page and I think that these would be of interest to everyone.
  2. We worked on a strict budget this year, due to the Grand Tour being in hiatus for 2 years, just to see where it would go. From the figures I stated earlier, it was more successful than expected. So there will be a few changes for the coming year.
  3. The registration fee will probably be raised to $40 per participant next year so that we can do the following:
    1. Donate a portion of the registration fee to a charitable Veterans group in Virginia. This would have to be a legitimate charity that can be verified and everyone that participates in the Tour will be able to name their group. We will have a drawing at the End of Tour Party in 2018 and draw the name of the Charity that will receive these funds. The more participants we have, the more money we raise for our veterans.
    2. We will be able to expand our advertising beyond FB and reach a larger audience to gain more participants. Printed material has gotten expensive and we will still do that but I would also like to reach out to our Rolling Thunder, Veterans and numerous other Motorcycle Clubs in Virginia.
    3. Implement suggestions received from this year’s tour that I was not able to do.
  4. So send me suggestions either by email or through this blog and help me make the next Grand Tour even more successful.
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