Writing back on Posts

This is just to give everyone a little heads up, I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments from blogger, out of country and just website enhancements and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart from our registered users.

If you want to comment on this site, please do so, but if it looks like something that may infect this site or compromise my computer, I will mark it as spam. You have my email address at the bottom of the site and you can email me there if I inadvertantly spam your comment.

I can usually tell the spam from actual people, but they can get sneaky at times and with all the hacking going on in the cyberworld today, I want to take no chances. My privacy, the Tour’s privacy, along with all of my registered users privacy is the most important item on my agenda.

So please don’t get upset or think I’m ignoring your comments, because I’m not, I just have some convincing comments and when I look further down on the comments, there are repeats coming from similar websites or email addresses for content that was posted months ago and with no particular reference to what post they are commenting on. So be a little more detailed in your comments and if you find that one of your posts was not part of this site, then email me directly and I will add you to a safe list I can reply to.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, but viruses and other crap can not only foul up my sites and computer, but your’s also if you click on their link. So my feeling is better safe than sorry.


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