Looks Like a Great Weekend for a Ride!!!

It’s the WEEKEND AGAIN!!! I am still going through all my emails and pics to get ready to post and also recording everyone’s receipts and stops that were sent in. Keep the pics coming and I do believe we may have a video coming from Steven on his trip through Southwest Virginia.

Looks like the rain will finish moving out this evening and we will be all clear for a great ride. Humidity is suppose to ease up tomorrow afternoon and Sunday is going to be perfect.

Just a heads up, I am still looking for a good venue for the 3rd Mystery Stop and this will happen either the last weekend of July or first weekend of August. I have some suggestions from our participants and just going through and making sure it’ll be an event that is fun for everyone.

BTW – I did take a couple of days off this week for the 4th, so I’m back now and will get back soon.

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