Great Weekend for the 2nd Mystery Stop!!!

It started out looking like it was going to rain, AGAIN! But ended up being a beautiful day with a great band (Wild at Heart), the 540Z Boyz put on a fantastic stunt show and the food was awesome (if I say so myself). About 35 to 40 Participants showed up with about another 140 for the music and stunt show.

Rolling Thunder Chapter 3 were happy with the turnout and were selling their t-shirts, patches, etc. Of course, I bought a t-shirt to add to my enormous collection of shirts from motocross, travel, etc. I literally have over 300 t-shirts, most of which I have never worn but can’t seem to part with.

But enough about my t-shirt hoarding, our next Mystery Stop will be sometime in July. Not sure when but I do know it will be somewhere in the mountains. I figure it will be hot in July and everyone will want to head to cooler country. I’m checking on a few spots and will let you know.

Anyone with suggestions, please share. This is after all, YOUR tour and I want ideas from all of our Participants.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!


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