2nd Mystery Stop at Fredericksburg Motor Sports Saturday May 27th

This is the perfect way to start of Memorial Day Weekend!!!  – Get your Passports Stamped between 11am and 4pm

Fredericksburg Motor Sports is Proud to be a Sponsor and Staging Area for the Ride to the Wall on Sunday May 28th. But first, FMS is having a Rolling Thunder Kick-Off Party on Saturday May 27th. There will be Food and Entertainment and will be accepting donations for Rolling Thunder. This is a wonderful organization that provides services for both Veterans and their families. Memorial Day is the Holiday to Honor those who have given so much, so that we, at home, are able to have the freedom to enjoy things, such as a weekend on your motorcycle, or out on your boat or personal watercraft.

Our Servicemen, both present and past, have not only chosen to protect our great country but unfortunately many paid a bigger price with their lives. We also can’t forget the families of these brave men and women, who sacrifice time with their spouses and children, because they believe in their choice to serve our country. Time most of us take for granted is precious to these servicemen and women, where they cherish any time they may have to spend with their families and pray it won’t be the last time.

Even if you are not a participant in the Grand Tour, please stop by FMS on Saturday and donate to this worthy cause and enjoy some free food and entertainment. If you would like to join the Grand Tour, I will be selling passports at this Mystery Stop and not a bad way to start the Tour off with 10 additional points for your passport.

I will be wearing a neon yellow shirt and I will be easy to find, I’m the one serving food to everyone. So come out and see me!!!


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