Here we go again, another rainy, miserable day. The bright side, Mother’s Day is suppose to be gorgeous.

But the REALLY important news is that the SECOND MYSTERY STOP will be May 27th at Fredericksburg Motorsports.

It is FMS’ Rolling Thunder Kick Off Party!!!!
There will be a live band, 540Z Boys will be there and
Food! Michele Schmitt (FMS) and I are making BBQ, Coleslaw and whatever else that comes into my head.

So come and enjoy some good food, music and the antics of the 540Z Boys, get your stamp and enjoy yourself.

As with every Mystery Stop, I will have on my Neon Yellow Shirt and here’s the biggest hint, I will be serving food so I guess there is no hiding this time.

I will also have passports for sale at this event, so if you have a friend or family member that would like to join they will be able to do so.!!!

See ya there!

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