Welcome Our Last Minute Sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors: Newport News Visitors Center and all 4 Locations of Tim’s sharing their sponsorship (Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant & Crabhouse, Tim’s II at Fairview, Tim’s at Lake Anna Restaurant & Crabhouse and Tim’s at Cole’s Point)

Silver Sponsors: Manassas Honda Kawasaki Suzuki and Harley Davidson of Lynchburg

Bronze Sponsors:  Dominion Raceway, Redline Performance Motorsports, Black Wolf Harley Davidson, Ride On Moto and Black Bear Harley Davidson.

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It’s Almost Time!!!

Just 36 days before the start of the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia 2017 begins. All the Sponsors have been finalized. We have 35 stops in the Tour. I’m gettig so excited about this.

I’m still updating the Sponsors on the website and should have it complete by this weekend. Prizes for the Tour are still coming in and will keep updating that as they arrive. I’m still working on the final drafts for the Passports so they can be mailed by March 11th.

I will be posting more in the coming weeks as Guidelines are finished, passports and patches are ready.

We will be having the End of Tour Party at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA on November 4, 2017 from Noon to 3pm. If you want to take one of their carts out for a spin on their track, they will rent you one while we are there.

So sign up for your passport today!!!!

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52 Days Before Grand Tour Begins and Riders and Sponsors are Getting Excited!!!

Less than 2 months before the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia begins. Riders are signing up and we still have sponsors coming in. Lots of great prizes are still coming in also. Let’s not forget the GRAND PRIZE of $1,000.00.

I’m still finalizing the specifics and events for the Tour, but will be ready by March 1st. There are so many sites to see and beautiful scenery within the Commonwealth of Virginia and picking different things to do is a challenge, but I will prevail.

Let’s also welcome some new Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor:  Fredericksburg Motor Sports

Gold Sponsor:  Valley Cycle Center

Bronze Sponsors: Cycle City Corp, Indian Motorcycles of Fredericksburg, and             Village Motorsports


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The Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia just keeps Growing!!!

So it’s the final countdown for Sponsors and it just keeps getting BETTER!

Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant and Crabhouse, Tim’s II at Fairview, Tim’s at L,ake Anna Restaurant and Crabhouse and Tim’s at Coles Point have joined as a joint Gold Sponsor. Please check out their websites and FB pages and let them know you.


Ken’s Cycle Center has upgraded their sponsorship to SILVER. Visit their website and FB page and show your appreciation for their support in the Grand Tour.

More Updates Soon!

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The Grand Tours Starts in 2 Months

So we are at the end of January and last minute sponsors are coming in. Passports will start to be distributed around March 5th and participants have already started signing up.

I am currently working on the PDF brochure outlining annual events so you can plan your trips. We are also doing the final touches on the Tour outline and how it works.

The Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia 2017 was established to give our participants a reason to see what Virginia has to offer. There are so many wonderful sites, roads, beautiful scenery and artisan areas to be enjoyed. So take your time, enjoy what each town has to offer and most of all RELAX. It’s not a race, it’s a mini vacation.

As a reminder, our sponsors have paid to be part of this tour and your patronage to their businesses is an essential part of this Tour. Don’t forget to save all your receipts. You will have the ability to use your smartphone to send along with the pictures of your travels. I personally want to thank ALL of our sponsors for your participation in making this Grand Tour work.

So stop and look around each sponsor’s business, if something strikes you buy it but always be respectful of each sponsor. They are running a business and all customers are treated in order. So don’t run in and if they are busy with customers or a breakfast/lunch and dinner rush, be patient. They paid alot of money to be part of this and they are the ones making the prizes especially the Grand Prize available for each participant to try to win.  Without our Sponsors, this Tour would not be possible.

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I hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday and a safe New Year.

There’s always alot to get done before we ring in the New Year. We have family and friends to visit with and good wishes to give. Now we have entered a New Year and it’s time to work on resolutions (yeah, right!) but it’s also a time to make plans.

The past few days have felt like Spring and motorcyclists have had the opportunity to check out that new ride they got from Santa or enjoy a cruise on your bike, you were sure was put away for the winter. Unfortunately, winter is not gone, but Spring is just around the corner and so is the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia 2017.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be compiling a list of events around each of our sponsors. The Grand Tour may be smaller than past years, but there is a positive note to that. It will give our participants more time to stop and enjoy each area that has been sponsored.

The Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia was organized for participants to tour areas of Virginia, that they might not have thought of. It was designed to give you a weekend getaway, see the beautiful landscape, peaceful roads to just cruise on, all that Virginia history can offer, festivals, music, artisans and so much more. It’s more than just collecting stamps to win prizes, it’s an experience you can look back on for years to come.

Registration is open and just $35 to sign up. There are wonderful prizes and a $1000 grand prize. So, Sign Up Today.

Sale of Passports are Going On NOW!!! – Join us for a great ride! REGISTER 2017 GRAND TOUR ONLINE HERE 

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Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas from the Virginia Motorcycle Grand Tour 2017

We would like to wish a Merry Christmas to you and your families. Enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family, and above all, if you are traveling, Be Safe!

Don’t forget to register your family or friends for the Grand Tour as a stocking stuffer. This is a chance to travel throughout Virginia and also a chance to win some great prizes. All you have to do is click on this link, Online Registration, to register.

You can access it under Tour Info or it is on the Main Menu.  We are still working on more sponsors, but everything should fall into place soon.  Passports will start being distributed, no later then March 1, 2017. We want to make sure ALL the sponsors are in the passport. I am also working on a PDF Booklet that you can download for all the sponsored areas. This will include annual events, festivals, music, etc. This should be ready about the same time your passports go out.

Again, Happy Holidays and looking forward to seeing you on the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia 2017.

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New Sponsors for the Grand Tour 2017

I haven’t been here for a while, but now I’m back and excited to say that we have NEW sponsors for the 2017 Tour. We already have riders signing up for this event and more sponsors to come. Passports will be mailed by March 1, 2017 for the Tour to begin April 1, 2017.

What is a better Christmas present than signing up someone to ride with on this adventure throughout Virginia. It also registers that special person or friend in your life to win prizes. The more stops you make, the better your chances are to win. So register today.

Platinum Sponsors

Coleman Powersports – Falls Church, VA

Wytheville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Gold Sponsor

Coleman Powersports – Woodbridge, VA

Bronze Sponsor

Motorcycles of Dulles


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We have New Sponsors

Let’s welcome the new sponsors to the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia 2017.    Platinum Sponsor, Coleman Powersports of Falls Church

Gold Sponsor, Coleman Powersports of Woodbridge

Bronze Sponsor, Country Inn & Suites of Ashland, VA

We still have a little ways to go, but we will get there. You can register for the tour online, so register now.

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Southwestern Virginia is Beautiful

So I have completed the 2nd leg of my planned trips. This one took me from Harrisonburg, VA all the way to Bristol, VA. The leaves on the trees had just started turning, but by the end of my trip, they were really bringing out the colors. I was attempting to take pictures to post, but I do live by Murphy’s Law, and my camera decided NOT to be cooperative. I met alot of great people who were kind and helpful. A special thanks to the Motorcycle Dealers and the businesses, in this corridor that I just popped in on and they were gracious enough to give me some time to speak to them about the Motorcycle Grand Tour. There is alot of interest, but won’t know the final results until next week.

Smyth County did forward the following events that are upcoming in 2 weeks. It would be worth the ride and the leaves should be at their best by then. So make plans to attend these events, they are for a good cause and an even better reason to Getaway.



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