Happy Holidays to One and All!!!

As I have stated before, I’ve had a few problems with posting the past couple of months. But I am back once again.

To give everyone an update, our End of Tour Party was a wonderful event.  What was even more exciting was that Pam Talbott won our Grand Prize Drawing of $1,000. So a BIG Congratulations to Pam.

We are now looking to 2018. We have several participants from the 2017 Tour that will be volunteering to help out with the 2018 Tour. We are revising some of the Guidelines for the new tour. We are trying to simplify some of them and adding some new events to make this the Best Grand Tour yet.

I’m still trying to finish all of our statistics for the upcoming tour, so even if you didn’t finish the Tour, please send your passports and receipts, it will help with new sponsorships for the upcoming Tour.

I would also like to remind everyone for the upcoming year that you DO NOT have to complete the entire tour in order to be eligible for the prizes at the End of Tour Party.

This tour was designed to promote tourism within Virginia and a give a type of guide for your travels. It’s suppose to be fun, take your time, relax and enjoy the view type of Tour and the best part is you do it at your own pace.

So I’ll be back tomorrow with some more info about the upcoming Tour.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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HURRAY!!! All is fixed and the site is back up!

Well, it’s been quite a while, but we are back in business.

We had our 4th and Last Mystery Stop in Virginia Beach at the Neptune Festival and everyone had a great time. Most stayed in the area for the entire weekend and this was the last stop for most.

Now we have the End of Tour Party at Dominion Raceway on November 4th. Don’t forget that I need passports no later than the 20th of October so I can get all the points added up.


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Happy Labor Day and the official end of summer. Schools are back in session, lives get a little more structured and you leave for work just a few minutes earlier to miss the school buses.

It’s been a great summer and I have had the privilege to meet some great people participating in the Grand Tour. We had a brain storming session at the last Mystery Stop and all the ideas were great and I will work into next year’s Tour.

You can follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/253347385168089/) and see some pictures of where they have been both on and off the Tour. They have found awesome spots that I would like to include next year and the feedback is always great.

Don’t forget that our 4th and Final Mystery Stop is September 30th and October 1st in Virginia Beach. They are having their annual Neptune Boardwalk Festival and will be a great way to end the Mystery Stops. For more information on the Festival please click on the link below.


I hope to see some new faces there and of course, I always look forward to my faithful participants that show up regardless of weather.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Lots of Fun at the 3rd Mystery Stop!!!

Everyone that showed up at the 3rd Mystery Stop had a great time. John Nelson brought his drone and took pictures for everyone to enjoy. Most stayed a few hours to enjoy the Crooked Road Cloggers, and as expected, they were fabulous.

I am posting a few pics and videos taken, ENJOY!!!

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The 3rd Mystery Stop is ONLY 2 days away!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone that is able to make it this Saturday at Big Walker’s Lookout.

I’ll be wearing my Neon Yellow Coordinator Shirt and should be easy to find, unless, I see you first. I might have to make you work for it.

I can give you a hint on the 4th and Last Mystery Stop of this Tour and it’ll be the best yet.

It’ll be at the end of September and there is a big “To-Do” going on all week. It’s also in the Eastern part of Virginia. Can you figure it out???

So don’t forget your passports on Saturday so you can gain “10” Bonus Points towards prizes.  See ya there!!!


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3rd Mystery Tour

We have our 3rd Mystery Tour coming up on August 26th.

It will be at Big Walker Lookout on Saturday August 26th from 10 to 4.

Big Walker is located at 8711 Stoney Fork Road – Wytheville, VA

They are having a fundraiser for our furry four-legged friends with food, music and of course it is home of the “Claw of the Dragon”.

For all of our participants that show up for this 10 point Mystery Stop. They will receive a Claw of the Dragon Patch, a discount for the lookout and also for the food. It’ll be alot of fun and a great cause.

So look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

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Ideas for the 2018 Grand Tour

I have to admit that the 2017 Virginia Grand Tour went much better than I ever expected. My goal was to have a minimum of 25 sponsors and a minimum of 100 participants.

The total ended up being 30 paid sponsors and 173 Participants. Seems like everyone has had fun thus far, and my apologies for the delay in the 3rd Mystery Stop. There have been a few personal items I have needed to tend to along with work for other companies and the time seems to slip by too rapidly.

This is not my only work endeavor, as I have the privilege to work from home for several companies, plus the motocross track, an occasional catering event and a ceramic shop that I sell on Etsy. Guess you can say I am a jack of all trades, but a master of none. But juggling so many vastly different genres is challenging and sometimes daunting. But I will continue and push myself to post more to FB and this website.

The 2017 Tour has 2-1/2 months left before all passports must be mailed to me and I have to start working on the 2018 Grand Tour simultaneously. So here are a couple of ideas that may peak some interest in our participants, but also those following this blog.

  1. Dedicate the 2018 Grand Tour to all of our Veterans that have fought for this great country. I would like to be able to incorporate the memorials for World War I & II, located in Virginia as our main theme. Some of our participants have shared some beautiful memorial sites on our FB Page and I think that these would be of interest to everyone.
  2. We worked on a strict budget this year, due to the Grand Tour being in hiatus for 2 years, just to see where it would go. From the figures I stated earlier, it was more successful than expected. So there will be a few changes for the coming year.
  3. The registration fee will probably be raised to $40 per participant next year so that we can do the following:
    1. Donate a portion of the registration fee to a charitable Veterans group in Virginia. This would have to be a legitimate charity that can be verified and everyone that participates in the Tour will be able to name their group. We will have a drawing at the End of Tour Party in 2018 and draw the name of the Charity that will receive these funds. The more participants we have, the more money we raise for our veterans.
    2. We will be able to expand our advertising beyond FB and reach a larger audience to gain more participants. Printed material has gotten expensive and we will still do that but I would also like to reach out to our Rolling Thunder, Veterans and numerous other Motorcycle Clubs in Virginia.
    3. Implement suggestions received from this year’s tour that I was not able to do.
  4. So send me suggestions either by email or through this blog and help me make the next Grand Tour even more successful.
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Writing back on Posts

This is just to give everyone a little heads up, I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments from blogger, out of country and just website enhancements and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart from our registered users.

If you want to comment on this site, please do so, but if it looks like something that may infect this site or compromise my computer, I will mark it as spam. You have my email address at the bottom of the site and you can email me there if I inadvertantly spam your comment.

I can usually tell the spam from actual people, but they can get sneaky at times and with all the hacking going on in the cyberworld today, I want to take no chances. My privacy, the Tour’s privacy, along with all of my registered users privacy is the most important item on my agenda.

So please don’t get upset or think I’m ignoring your comments, because I’m not, I just have some convincing comments and when I look further down on the comments, there are repeats coming from similar websites or email addresses for content that was posted months ago and with no particular reference to what post they are commenting on. So be a little more detailed in your comments and if you find that one of your posts was not part of this site, then email me directly and I will add you to a safe list I can reply to.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, but viruses and other crap can not only foul up my sites and computer, but your’s also if you click on their link. So my feeling is better safe than sorry.


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Looks Like a Great Weekend for a Ride!!!

It’s the WEEKEND AGAIN!!! I am still going through all my emails and pics to get ready to post and also recording everyone’s receipts and stops that were sent in. Keep the pics coming and I do believe we may have a video coming from Steven on his trip through Southwest Virginia.

Looks like the rain will finish moving out this evening and we will be all clear for a great ride. Humidity is suppose to ease up tomorrow afternoon and Sunday is going to be perfect.

Just a heads up, I am still looking for a good venue for the 3rd Mystery Stop and this will happen either the last weekend of July or first weekend of August. I have some suggestions from our participants and just going through and making sure it’ll be an event that is fun for everyone.

BTW – I did take a couple of days off this week for the 4th, so I’m back now and will get back soon.

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We Are Almost 3 months into the Grand Tour!

We are 2-1/2 months into the Grand Tour of Virginia but still have plenty of time for new participants. We still have 4 months to go!!!

I am trying to figure out where to hold the 3rd Mystery Stop! I would prefer higher elevation because I would like to do it late July/early August. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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